Frontline Academy Of Logistics
Eramangalam - Calicut - Perinthalmanna

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  • Eramangalam, Malappuram, Kerala.
    Near Pottamal jn, Calicut, Kerala.
  • +91 813 680 5454
    +91 989 564 5454


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Frontline Academy of Logistics stands as the educational arm of the Frontline Group, a conglomerate operating in a diverse range of sectors across 10 countries. With a strong presence comprising 21 offices and over 500 dedicated professionals throughout the Middle East and Asia, this vibrant and accomplished enterprise was founded by a group of ambitious young entrepreneurs. Starting from modest origins, the company’s remarkable trajectory has propelled it to become one of the Middle East’s fastest-growing logistics firms, garnishing multiple awards and esteemed affiliations along the way.

In response to the pressing need for certified logistics experts to fulfill the continual demands of the group and as a testament to their corporate social responsibility, the inception of the ‘FRONTLINE ACADEMY OF LOGISTICS’ emerged. This academy was established with the mission to educate, nurture, and shape logistics professionals from the very foundation.

The central vision revolves around the cultivation and integration of the local community, striving to prepare and empower students to attain full professionalism. The ultimate goal is to place suitable candidates within the organization or equip them to excel in the fiercely competitive global market.

Situated in Eramangalam, near Guruvayoor, the Frontline Academy boasts cutting-edge smart classrooms overseen by a team of seasoned professionals and academic experts with substantial industry backgrounds. The facility is also furnished with a contemporary logistics knowledge repository. The Academy offers an intensive 12-month program that blends 6 months of classroom instruction in India with an additional 6 months of internship training in the Gulf region, taking place at any of the Frontline Group’s offices. The institution holds affiliations with esteemed bodies like the International Logistics and Supply Chain Management Institute (ILSM) and the Skill Development Board, both based in the UK. These affiliations facilitate the bestowal of globally recognized certifications upon students, substantiating their qualifications on a worldwide scale.

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